Customer Success Stories

  • "I've had the pleasure to work with the guys at Spectrum in launching our mail plus online marketing campaign. I was surprised at how little I had to do to execute the campaign and the results have been tremendous. This is marketing magic!"

    Andrew G. Owner Goffena Furniture
  • Spectrum Marketing gets results! We used a recommended mailer for Memorial Day weekend, which in turn gave us a 97% increase from the previous year with very little spend. Spectrum Marketings experience in the furniture industry will help drive traffic to your door in a competitive market which will result in sales!

    Wilmot Dow Dow Furniture / General Manager
  • After returning to retail, and being charged with growing Dow Furniture’s market share, one of the first calls I made was to my friends at Spectrum Marketing. That decision has paid huge dividends. No other company has been able to provide me with the same level of response and return on investment on direct mail programs as Spectrum.

    Jason Pauley Dow Furniture / General Manager
  • I need to thank you for convincing me to run the gift card promotion! The cards feel so much more substantial in the customer's hand than a paper coupon! I've actually had a customer approach me in a restaurant and pull it out of their wallet to show me they had received it and would be in to use it! Thanks again!

    Matt Rouillard President / Central Furniture & Appliances, Inc.
  • Thanks Greg for helping us turn around our October sales numbers! We are extremely excited with the result from our Gift Card Promotion. We had people who came in saying they had not even considered the idea of buying new furniture, but when they got the gift card they not only came to our stores and shopped. And even more importantly - THEY PURCHASED!

    Anthony Waters President / LaWaters Furniture
  • The secret is in the plastic card. Clients treat it like a real hundred dollar gift card that they have to use before it expires. It prods them to stop delaying and make their decision. In one instance, we sold a $9,000 plus bedroom set!

    Joseph Kelliher President / Westwood Furniture
  • Greg, here are the details…this was one of my BEST direct mailers ever! We did over $200,000 for the four days! Average ticket was $930 for the weekend with healthy margins thanks to 35% sales in mattresses. I can't say enough about this promo, it's a WINNER for sure.

    Michael Fiacco President / Bennington Furniture

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